Saturday, July 11, 2015

Job Hunting Tips for Beginners

If you are still looking for a job at this moment, chances are, there are a lot more people who are more qualified than you. These people may be have more skills, more intellectual, or shows a lot more interests than what you can offer as a future employee to a particular company that you wanted to apply. The job hunting scene is like a vast ocean -- if you just know where to fish, you can catch the big fish, the fish that you want, or the fish that you desired the most.

Nowadays, the rules of the game in the job hunting scene has turned a full 360 degrees. Everything has changed, dramatically, and to some if not, drastically, from the types of jobs, to the skills of people that different companies wanted to have for themselves. Just imagine, food stalls and other businesses and franchises are sprouting like mushrooms these days, truly is, there is a need for manpower almost everywhere.

But the more important question is, are you suited for the right job? Below is a list of things that you may do to improve your job hunting skills and be hired with the company that will give you a long-term employee-employer relationship. Just follow these steps in no particular order and good luck with the job hunting process!

Job Hunting Tips for Beginners

Search for the job that you really like. While it is more important to earn a living by working so hard and earn money from your work, it is also important to know that you should always remember that you must work not only for money. It is always my principle in life to have a job or career that will have the money work for me and not the other way around. The result: I am still not rich, but I enjoy my work very much. It's a bonus if you have both. Some people only receive one of them.

Invest on yourself. Since the game in job hunting scenario has changed, the meaning of this is not limited to how you present yourself to an interview by grooming yourself properly, anymore. Investing on yourself with office attires that look decent on you should not always be the case. In fact, most companies out there, especially the manufacturing industry, are looking for skilled workers who are TESDA-certified. While other companies are looking for IT-savvy people. Never settle with what you have. Always find ways to improve yourself and upgrade your learnings or education, always.

Make a winning resume. Resumes are always your 30-seconds of fame ticket for success. It all starts here, because what you are selling, or in this case, offering to a certain company is your self as a potential employee to them, and it is all scribed on your resume. Your assets, your skills, your previous job experiences that will determine your fate as soon as the company that you applied with start to background check on you -- these are all and must be written on your resume. And I said winning resume, not a fancy one.

Be prepared for the job interview. If you are going to be interviewed by a certain company, they have seen some potentials in you. Just make sure on the day of your interview, you have a knowledge on what kind of business that the company that you applied to runs. In this way, you will not be left blank when they ask you questions regarding your idea with their company. And oh, please... always say the truth. It helps a lot to be hired.

Always remember to do follow ups. Follow ups are signs that you are interested to work with the company or with the job position that you applied to. If not for the follow ups that I did several years ago during my second line of work, I will not be hired to them. I remember, I called them consistently for two long weeks. After that, I had a final interview, and then I was hired. Yeah. Follow ups. Push it.

Think a lot before signing up. After being hired, the usual practice will be, an HR Assistant will conduct an orientation about the company's rules and regulations, policies on leaves and absences, and other necessary company-related things among others. Listen to the HR Assistant carefully as he/she also discusses with your contract obligation. The company sometimes will give you a matter of two days for you think about your contract offer. Think a thousand times before signing up or else, there will be no guarantee of turning back for a few months or years after that.

Be ready on your first day! Finally, it's your first day... did you know that first impression lasts? Anyway, sometimes, it is temporary, other times it will stick to some people. But just remember, be yourself and be confident. You are also one of the people in that company that has seen some potentials, so be proud! And oh... never ever be late on your first day!

Job hunting is really a hard task to do, especially when you are getting frustrated as you get rejected every time you applied for a job. But don't worry, nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, you will find the right job for you! Happy job hunting!


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