Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Find A New Job Faster Than You Ever Think!

So, you already quit your job and seek for a greener pasteur, right? Well, just to remind you, the Philippines has quite a stiff and tough competition when it comes to hunting for a new job. Just imagine the more than 3 million Filipino fresh graduates joining the job seekers bandwagon every year! Now, isn't that tough enough?

But if you think you have the "fighting form" in finding a new job and you have what it takes to be the next big thing in your soon-to-be new company, then you don't have to worry about getting in the previously mentioned situation. But of course, some companies do not rely on having the edge or experience alone, most of them seek for fresh graduates because of lower compensation and are easier to manage. You don't want to be included in a company that can pay you at a lower cost than your previous company, do you?

People seek for a job that would fit their field of interests. Basically of course, when they quit their current job, they tend to seek for greater opportunity in terms of company benefits, career growth, and much higher compensation, thus the term, "greener pasteur"! So, to keep yourself from being one of the jobless people, errr... job seekers after quitting your job, here's a list of what you can do to get that new job faster.

Tips on How To Secure A New Job

• Be confident. Actually, you have all the edge in the world when it comes to finding a new job because of your previous work or work-related experience. This would mean that the company that you are applying to might be putting you on their potential list. Work experience sometimes would mean more money. But of course, to get that job offer, you must first convince the HR officer why you wanted to be in their company or why you should be hired.

Attitude is always the key to success! One must focus on the positive things that matter most. Everything you say, and how you say it, should convey self-confidence. Awkwardness is just in your own head.

• Be prepared. Seeking for a new job is just like selling yourself to the company that you are applying to. You are your product and your resume is your marketing flyer! When selling yourself, prove to the HR officer that you are well-prepared, fast-thinker, witty, and a no-nonsense interviewee. Be also prepared about the things that might ask of you about your previous employer or previous work!

What are your accomplishments in your previous work? Be sure to make a list of all the things that you've done, have interest with, or your skills and knowledge that will set you apart from the other candidates and then be prepared to talk about them. Always remember that you only have limited time to prove or sell yourself to the company you are applying, so be prepared for different questions with the right answers!

*Are you a beginner when it comes to job hunting? Read these Job Hunting Tips for Beginners to get you started!

• Be aggressive. Sometimes, a company wants to have aggressive people included in their members, especially if the company is a marketing company. Aggressiveness takes a lot of guts. You must show to the HR or recruiting officer that you are determined to work in their company and not just having a so-called job. Showing aggressiveness means showing determination to work in their company, but of course not in a manner where you show sympathy or despair to have the job position! I think that's overacting!

• Be creative. This thing need not to be verbatim but being creative takes a lot measures, forms, wittiness, and perfect timing. Sometimes, answering to different interview questions should be creative. If you are going to be asked why did you leave your previous company, a quick but creative answer would be like, "My company and I are like long-time lovers... the love for each other will be gone if one of us did not return the favor..." But of course, it's just my humble opinion.

• Be persistent. Being persistent does not mean that you have to call back the company that you applied to from time to time. Who knows, by not giving up too soon might have a good reward in the future! You know that patience is a virtue right? Practice it!

So there, if the above tips won't get you into your new job, something must be wrong somewhere. Try to make an assessment of everything especially yourself, personality, or attitude towards work. Thank you for visiting and happy job hunting!!!


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